We help "impact-multiplier" ventures succeed by aligning their stakeholders around compelling visions, designing powerful social change strategies, and developing successful earned income streams to support those strategies.


What are "impact-multipliers?" Certification bodies, standards organizations, professional associations and other organizations that engage cities, businesses, and other key constituencies in advancing equity and sustainability. By helping these multipliers succeed, we achieve triple-impact in our work.


We can help you design powerful strategies too.


We get the whole “system” in the same room to design strategy and create genuine alignment fast.

Collaborative Strategy is particularly effective because the process:


  • Builds buy-in from the outset 

  • Helps all stakeholders see the whole picture--from vision and mission to operating realities

  • Facilitates fast and thorough landscape analysis  

  • Harnesses the experience and resources of all your key stakeholders to develop robust strategy

  • Facilitates fast, high quality learning about the challenges and opportunities

  • Flips key tensions to deepen engagement and innovation
  • Encourages rapid prototyping, testing, and iterating get refined and validated strategies

  • Attracts other key funders and partners to the work


And our planning sessions are actually fun!




We design and deliver rapid, high-impact planning sessions to align social ventures behind compelling visions, powerful strategies, meaningful roles, and big goals.

Our Collaborative Strategy approach works when:

  • Previous attempts failed to get genuine alignment and ownership across your key stakeholders

  • Process got stuck in analysis paralysis and then people began promoting their favorite strategies

  • The landscape and context is complex and the strategic leverage points are unclear

  • The strategic plan wasn't connected back to the current priorities and operational realities



Vision & Mission clarification | Value proposition design | Design of earned income products & services | Stakeholder strategy | “Big Goal” design | Unique Role definition



1-2 day charrettes | Real-Time Strategic Change | Virtual engagements


Read about our work with STAR Communities, the sustainability standard for cities and towns, to develop a powerful business model from scratch in 2 days.

Do you need a powerful strategy to support your big goals and mission? We're happy to provide support and ideas whether you hire us or not. Just send us a note below.

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